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My mission is to carry the message that there is a better way to look at, and respond to, conflict.  During the past 27 years, I have successfully mediated thousands of disputes and developed expertise in resolving personal and professional relationship conflicts.  Today, my goal is to provide strategic conflict management and creative relationship interventions to married and divorcing couples, estranged families, business partners, communities, and co-workers.

Much of my current mediation practice centers on my work with David Spofford and the network of Florida Mediators we brought together at A Friendly Divorce. In addition to mediation, at A Friendly Divorce, we also provide document preparation services so that the couples we work with can have a one-stop experience that ends with an uncontested divorce.  Additionally, David and I created a training program for professionals who want to launch or expand their practices to include pro-se/pre-suit divorce mediation.  This program is presented via streaming video through Click or cut and paste this link into your browser to learn more.

As a Primary Trainer with Mediation Training Group, I have taught mediation nationally and internationally to over thirteen  thousand professionals. Please consider Mediation Training Group’s offerings if you want to become a Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator, acquire mediation skills to enhance your professional or personal life, or experience Continuing Mediator Education that is both entertaining and rich in content.  Check out the website to learn more about the other projects Susan Dubow and I are working on so that we can help bring mediation into the mainstream.

My book "The Professional Woman's Guide To Conflict Management" is available on Amazon or through the publisher.

Please stay tuned. I am interested in learning how I can help you improve your relationships using workplace agreements,  business partnership accords, dating contracts, prenuptial agreements, mediated divorces, and marriage pacts.  Additionally, I am intrigued with dialogue focused on aging in community, unstructured aging, legacy, and the final third of life.  Please accept this invitation to expand the conversation - email me your questions and comments.

Want more?  Visit my blogs - my blog and Elinor Robin on The Huffington Post for updates.

The Mother-Daughter Bond – Conflict and Comfort

For many women, the mother-daughter connection is life's most complex relationship. So it comes as no surprise that many of us struggle with the relationship that we share with our mothers and many of us struggle with the relationships that we share with our daughters. As a mediator and as a woman, I am intrigued by how the mother-daughter bond can bring both conflict and comfort. This article discusses the complex mother-daughter relationship and offers tips that both mothers and daughters can use to heal their connection.

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The 10 Step Plan For Ending Feuds and Fights and Re-Building Connection

Yes, you can resolve even the nastiest of your conflicts, if you are committed to rebuilding the relationship. This article outlines my 10-Step plan for ending feuds and building connections.

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10 Tips For Getting Along With Your Family This Holiday Season

Millions of families won't be together this holiday season because of fights, feuds and old resentments. However, family estrangements, misunderstandings, and unmet expectations don't have to destroy the bonds that connect you to the ones you love. This article presents 10 tips for getting along with your relatives over the holidays.

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