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A Friendly Divorce: A Training Program For Lawyers and Mediators Who Want To Make Money and A Difference In The New Economy

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This is NOT a training program for sharks.

This program is for YOU if you want to launch or extend your practice into the growing pro-se/pre-suit divorce market and you want to:

(a)  make money in the new economy.  And,

(b)  be recognized as a pathfinder and pioneer.  And,

(c)  use a new business model that allows you to:

  • have more control of your schedule,
  • attract and work with higher quality clients,
  • increase your job satisfaction,
  • use your skill set in a more positive way, and
  • find work-life balance.

What we know:

1.  The family law arena is ripe for a revolution. The public is eager to move away from the traditional/attorney-driven model of divorce and towards a more humane and family-friendly approach.  The new economy is accelerating the shift.  Professional mediators are strategically placed to ride the wave of this emerging trend by providing PreSe-PreSuit mediation and document preparation services.

2.  Mediators often find the road to private practice bumpy and laden with obstacles. Often, the biggest obstacle is the inevitable need to create and implement a comprehensive marketing plan and the novice mediators’ failure to do so.  (A comprehensive hybrid marketing plan must have advertising, PR, branding, and networking components that use traditional, static, interactive, and social media components.)

3.  In order to successfully build a ProSe/PreSuit mediation practice the mediator needs to have a broad knowledge base that touches on family law, finance, psychology, administration, and marketing. So, collaboration with others, intent on pursuing the same goal, and not in direct market competition, can be a key to individual and collective success.

What we can offer YOU:

  • Powerful – and proven – practice building strategies and methods
  • An exploration of mediation techniques and topics related to the legal, financial, psychological and social aspects of divorce.
  • An easy-to-follow business model and a marketing plan that you can use to launch or extend your practice into the growing pro-se/pre-suit market.
  • Effective intake and marketing materials you can adjust to meet your individual needs.
  • An enjoyable and educational way to meet your CLE and CME requirements.
  • Templates for drafting neutral, customized marital settlement agreements.
  • On-going follow up and assistance.

This program is a good fit for professionals with expertise in law, psychology, finance, or a related professional field.  To learn more call me at 954-415-5645 or email to sign up and become one of a select group of professionals who will ride this emerging trend.


      • “The End of Lawyers” (Oxford, 2008) by legal futurist Richard Susskind
      • “Courting Your Clients: The Essential Guide to Legal Marketing” (2010) by Margaret Grisdela
      • “Think And Grow Rich” (1937) by Napoleon Hill.  See  (Hill’s 13 principles for success have influenced EVERY self-help business book in the book store today.)
      • “Making Mediation Your Day Job” (iUniverse Star, 2009) by Tammy Lenski, Ed

Call me at 954-415-5645, email me – or visit to learn more.

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