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Difficult Discussions – Navigating the Muddy Waters

Conflict can take a toll in our professional and personal lives. Time, money and lives are lost when conflicts are not effectively managed. Frequently, the only two options we see for handling conflict are to respond in a combative manner (fight) or totally avoid the conflict (flight/freeze/submit). Sadly, both of these strategies often do more to escalate conflict than to extinguish it. And, the opportunity to turn a conflict into a positive learning experience is lost. Almost every conflict can produce a positive benefit. However, in order to reap the benefit we typically have to navigate through some muddy waters and hold a difficult discussion. The more you know about addressing conflict the more adept you will be when it’s time to engage in a difficult dialogue which is ripe with potential conflict. This article discusses considerations, concepts and strategies for holding a difficult discussion.

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Miserable Characters – How To Deal With Difficult People

We all know them – those difficult people who seem motivated in the quest to spread misery. Sadly, in either our personal or professional lives, or both, each of us will periodically encounter someone who fits this description. This article defines six common categories of difficult people: The Bully, The Sniper, The Victim, The Fault-Finder, The Know-It-All, and The Cheater; and lists strategies you can use to effectively deal with these difficult people.

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Conflict 101 – What You Need to Know

Think back, for just a moment, to the last time you found yourself embroiled in conflict. Can you still feel the physical sensations? Are the anger and rage still there, simmering? Much of the time, those feelings are just the surface. This article looks at looks conflict concepts that you can use to analyze and understand your own conflicts.

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Conflict Resolution System Design – Creating A Program And A Policy For Managing Workplace Conflict

We are living in an era of incredible change with the new economy widening the gap and increasing the tension between the perceived “winners” and “losers” in the business world. A new perception of scarcity is provoking even more conflicts and challenging both small and large businesses. Conflicts related to limited resources, terms of employment, cultural differences, sexual harassment, team playing, office politics, unmet expectations, miscommunications, and gossip are rampant in the modern workplace. This article discusses workplace conflict and how you can manage them using the process of Conflict Resolution System Design.

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