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Thoughts on Divorce

I am not pro-divorce.  In fact, I wish we could use pre-marital education to bring an end to divorce.  However, it appears that for a variety of physical, psychological, social, and spiritual reasons that is not going to happen any time soon.   So…..

When a marriage is dead, divorce can bring about a life altering transformation that propels a man or woman (a) through an assessment process and (b) into a re-building phase that leads to a redesigned life, which is a more accurate reflection of the wo/man’s current desires and identity.

Recently I was asked “If your business was a MOVEMENT, what would that look like?”  Here is my answer:

A movement to change the way we view divorce.  Divorce is a family problem with a legal side effect.  The court system treats it like a legal problem with a family side effect.  My movement would be about the cease fire.  In my opinion, during divorce – most of the time – there is no need for the legal investigation and adversarial attitude that is necessary when one is engaged in a fight with a legal opponent (like an insurance company).  But, many lawyers don’t seem able to see the difference.

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